At POV Humiliation, losers like you can buy as many or as few humiliation POV video clips as you want. No membership fees, no recurring billing. Purchase clips securely, download them in the formats you want and watch them forever with no restrictions.

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  • Use the Sort Clips buttons on your left to browse our ever-growing list of clips
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  • Stare at the pic on your right and say "Yes Princess! Whatever you say, Princess!"

To make searching our clips library easier, our clips can be sorted by different categories, depending on what you are looking for:

1) Go to the "SORT CLIPS BY" column on the left. Click any menu items in the column to sort by that category. The page will reload with all our clips sorted by the category you've chosen.

2) The first clip will be displayed with a full description and images from the clip. Below it you will find thumbnails of other clips. To view a full description of any of these clips, simply click on the thumbnail or title beneath it. That clip will now be displayed in full at the top of the page. Repeat to view other thumbnails.

NEW CLIPS: Hitting this button will present all the clips running in descending chronological order, from newest to oldest. Hitting it again reverses the order (from oldest to newest). Then just click on any thumbnail to view the full description of the clip.

ALPHA: No, this isn't a joke about all you pathetic beta males :) This button sorts clips ALPHABETICALLY. This is the easiest way to find all the clips in a particular series. Just sort by ALPHA, and you can look up the title you want (eg. Moneyslave Hypnosis Part 2).

MISTRESS: This opens a page listing all the clips sorted by each of our Mistresses, sorted alphabetically. The clips for each Mistress are sorted chronologically, from newest to oldest.

FETISH: Wanna see all the Small Penis Humiliation videos? Or maybe our Ass Worship or Panty Play humiliation video clips? I bet a guy like YOU needs to check out our "Financial Domination" clips? Isn't that right, money pig?? Maybe a little "Foot Worship" and "Cuckolding" to get you in the mood??? HAHAHA! SUCKER!! Go use the 'Fetish' button to see all the categories of humiliation videos that will have you pumping your pathetic little penis faster than we can say "what a pathetic jerkoff!!" LOL! Do it NOW loser!

Say you're a salivating fool for Princess Samantha Ryan and want to browse all of her clips. Simply click on the MISTRESS menu item on the left to load the page displaying all the clips grouped by our Mistresses. Then scroll down the page until you see Mistress 'Samantha Ryan'. Then do what comes naturally, loser...

  • Click the 'add to cart' button to add clips to your shopping cart
  • View and modify your shopping cart at any time
  • Don't drool on your keyboard, pussy. We want it working until you're finished purchasing

Adding Clips - As you browse (Step 1 above), you can add clips to your virtual shopping cart by simply clicking the 'add to cart' button on your screen. The 'add to cart' button is displayed in the FULL-DESCRIPTION of a clip (as opposed to its thumbnail), right beneath the price of the clip.

View Your Shopping Cart - Your shopping cart keeps track of all the clips you've added. To see how many clips you've added to your cart, or to remove any clips from your cart, click the 'View Cart' link located on the left column of every page. This page will also show you the total cost of all clips currently selected.

Continue shopping or Checkout - After viewing your cart, you can continue shopping by following the instructions in Step 1 - Search Clips above, or Checkout (ie buy clips) by following the instructions in Step 3 - Buy Clips below.

  • Hit 'Checkout' - create an account using a valid email address, or sign into your existing account.
  • You will be directed to CCBill's secure server to purchase your clips. Billing is discrete - the name on your credit card statement will be nothing 'adult related'
  • Download your clips in whatever format (wmv, mov or m4v) and size you choose. Worship them for the rest of your life, you pathetic loser! You'll never have the real thing..

Now that you've selected all the clips you want to purchase, click the 'Checkout' button at the bottom of the left column of any page. You will be prompted to create an account or login to your existing one. To create an account, simply use a valid email address and create a password. REMEMBER your password, as you will need it to download your clips. You will also be able to use this account for future purchases, so you should make a note of both the email address and password you create.

Once you create or login to your account, you will be directed to our secure CCBill payment page to enter your payment information and complete your transaction. We note that CCBill is the largest and most trusted processor in the adult industry. Enter your payment information and click "purchase." There, now you've finally managed to make a girl happy!

Once payment has been accepted, you will be directed to a page where you can download all the clips you've purchased - you can use the link on your receipt page or simply click on the 'Log In' link on the left column of any POV Humiliation page and enter your account information (ie the email address and password you created).

Now simply select your preferred format for the clips you've purchased (see below for guidelines on choosing the most appropriate format for you), right-click the link, choose 'Save Target As' and begin downloading the clip. You will have as long as you want to download the clips in the format and size you want, and you can watch them forever. I'm sure most of you losers WILL!

Note - any loser trying to download clips from a suspiciously high number of locations will have their account immediately deleted and be blocked from all future purchases.

Guidelines for selecting formats: Our clips are available in wmv (Windows Media Player), mov (Quicktime) and m4v (for ipods). Make sure you have the latest media player available for your preferred format. Use the following links to download the latest versions if you don't have them. Windows Media Player or Apple Quick Time

Clips are available in the following sizes:
wmv - Large, just like our men (the best quality for pcs with fast connections), medium (for pcs with slower connections), and small (like you :)- best for dial-up losers)
mov - Large (for mac users)
m4v - Large (for ipods)

A note about file size: File size is directly related to video quality WITHIN a given format, not across formats. So the rule that bigger is better (just ask Mistress Kelle Marie) can only be applied when comparing files of the SAME TYPE. In other words a 60MB wmv file will have higher quality than a 20MB wmv file (of the same clip). However, a 70MB mov file will NOT NECESSARILY have a higher quality than the 60MB wmv file.

  • Look at the image on the right. Can you 'handle it', jackass? LOL!!

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