Q - How do I buy your video clips?
A - See 'Step 3' on the Start Here page.

Q - How do I browse your clips? Can I browse just the clips for one Mistress? One fetish? How do I find all the clips in a particular series? etc etc.
A - You can browse all our clips and find any ones you want quickly and easily using the 'Sort Clips By' buttons in the left column of every page. For an easy explanation of how to use this feature, see 'Start Here - Step 1' and 'Step 2'.

Q - How long are my clips good for? How long can I take to download them?
A - You can take as long as you like to download your clips - and once you download them, they are yours to keep and watch forever.

Q - Girls don't like me. How can I enlarge my penis?
A - Watch our videos, SHORTIE! Girls STILL won't like you, and your penis will still be too small to satisfy, but WE'LL be happy! And that's all that matters, you fucking loser! :) mwa xoxoxox..

Q - How much do your video clips cost?
A - The price for each clip appears next to the 'ADD CLIP' button in the FULL-DESCRIPTION of the clip. A full-description of a clip appears at the top of every page displaying clips (with thumbnails of other clips appearing below it). To view a FULL-DESCRIPTION of any clip (and see its price), just click on the thumbnail for that clip. For more info see 'Start Here - Steps 1 & 2'.

Q - What formats and sizes do you offer your clips in?
A - wmv (large, medium and small), mov (large) and wm4 (for ipods).

Q - Do I have to choose a particular format when I buy clips?
A - No, you DON'T have to select your format when you buy the clips. You will have access to all formats and all file sizes for the clips you purchase.

Q - How do I know which clip formats and sizes are best for me?
A - 'Start Here - Step 3' contains a guide to help you choose the most appropriate format/size for your computer and connection speed. In general, PC users should use mwv, and Mac users should use mov, and mv4 are for ipods only. In terms of file size, bigger files WITHIN a given format (eg wmv) have better quality, but of course take longer to download. So if you have a fast internet connection, download the LARGE sized clip as this will have the best video quality. If you have a slower connection or dial-up, the smaller and medium sized clips make more sense because they will take a lot less time to download than the large files.

Q - I'm a pathetic loser who doesn't have a credit card. Can I still buy clips?
A - Yes loserboy. CCBill accepts payments from checking accounts and debit accounts.

Q - If my girlfriend/wife found out I bought clips, she'd kill me! Is billing discreet?
A - Yes, billing is absolutely discreet so nobody will know what a TOTAL LOSER you really are! There will be no adult-oriented or adult-sounding names on your credit card statement from us.

Q - I'm a waste of male genes who has a deep desire to PAY GIRLS who HATE ME every single day of my empty life. Is there ANY WAY I can pay you girls MORE money???
A - LOL! Isn't it HYSTERICAL how the deprived, ugly, LOSERS of this world end up wanting to hand their money over to hot, bitchy women who CAN'T STAND THEM!!! LMAO... You're JUST that type, aren't you, loserboy!! Well we're ALWAYS coming up with new ways of taking advantage of dorks like you, so GO BUY ALL OUR EXPENSIVE video clips YOU FOOL! (we have 'special' prices for pussyboys like you). Then write 'IDIOT' on your little dick, AND on your forehead...then you can sit back, stroke your aching wee wee, and watch the girls who are making you spend all your money, you sad little jerkoff... LOL!

Q - Can I send you girls presents and gifts???
A - We'll be setting up wishlists and the like for desperate losers like you to shower us with gifts soon. In the meantime, see the question and answer above, pussyboy.

Q - Do you do custom video clips?
A - We'll consider any custom video requests that are legal. Simply use the 'Contact' form to submit your inquiry and scenario, and if it is something we will be interested in, we'll get back to you to discuss it, you stupid jerkoff.

Q - I have a fantasy I'd LOVE to see in one of your clips!! Would you consider doing it??
A - Sure loser, send us your sad little fantasies via the 'Contact' page, and give us a good laugh! And if the Mistresses like them enough we might even film some, all to make more money off of retards like you! So go ahead jerkyboy, open up and tell us your DEEPEST fantasies... :)

Q - My download isn't working. What do I do?
A - Make sure you have the latest software downloaded to PLAY your clip - see 'Start Here - Step 3' for links.

Q - There is no audio for my clips. What should I do?
A - All our clips have audio set at sufficient volumes to be easily heard on any computer/ipod that has fuctional audio capabilities and is not SWITCHED OFF! Make sure your computer's volume is not turned down or off. If you can't hear our clips, then you can't hear ANYTHING on your computer.

Q - How do I contact CUSTOMER SERVICE with a question that isn't covered in the 'FAQ' or 'Start Here' sections?
A - Most issues CAN be answered with the info available in the 'FAQ' and the 'Start Here' section. If you can't find the info you need and it is a billing inquiry, contact CCBill with your username, password and transaction number. Any non-billing inquiries should be sent to us via the 'Contact' page. Simply fill out the information, including your inquiry, and we will get back to you asap.

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